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How to find a Dribbble invite

Helpful suggestions for getting drafted


Ask your friends

Your top bet is to ask your real-world friends. If you don't know any Dribbble players personally, check in with your web industry pals—they may have a friend who can hook you up.


Ask your friends on the Internet

Many players obtain their Dribbble invite by tweeting out that they're looking for one, an excellent tactic if your followers are familiar with the quality of your work.

You can also keep an eye on your feed for invite giveaways — players will often make an announcement on Twitter when they have fresh invites.

Good to Know

  • Dribbble invites are released periodically; members do not have an unlimited supply. Not all members receive invites when they are released.
  • Some players consider invite requests from strangers impolite. Unless they're offering, avoid asking people you don't know for invites.